Maintaining High Levels

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Maintaining High Levels

I was concerned when the case rate went up to 20,000 a day, then 30,000 a day, but five of the last six days have been above 40,000. Indeed, today’s cases rank as ninth highest since the start of June. Yesterday’s were seventh highest and Thursday’s sixth highest. Add to that 43,000 false negatives over a period of time and we get a figure that’s increasingly of concern.

All metrics remain high.

So far from being a blip, or a fluctuation, this is a real increase about which we should be prepared for further intervention., personal or government led. Whether they will do anything about it remains to be seen, but leading from the front, any of them, was not in evidence when senior (word used advisedly) politicians paid their respects to Sir David Amess by laying flowers today, not a face covering was in sight. We’ve…

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