Postcards from the Periphery 2021-23 – The Trek

Very good the beach.

Sum Space

Postcards from the Periphery 2021-23 – The Trek

The Journey – eight and a half hours, should have been six.

High Point – Gloucester Services, Wild Boar Sausage Roll and shopping for supper.

Low point – about twenty or more years ago an American food writer said that Cornsh pasties were like ceramic doorstops, which caused uproar and the American blag to be burned outside Ann’s Pasties in Lizard Village. However I may have found where he got the idea, Exeter Services. I stopped there and joined a queue. Well, it was either that or Greggs.

And ten years ago Sandy took this pic at Bucks Mills, north Devon, self, Sandy (2002-2018) and Kerry (2003-2020), photographer, Sandy (1952-2019)


Peter Maxwell Davies (1934-2016), Farewell to Stromness for Piano (1980), Martin Jones

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