Postcards from the Periphery 2021-16 – Romance of the Stones

so beautiful!!

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Postcards from the Periphery 2021-16 – Romance of the Stones

Alfred Wainwright got it about right when he described the people on coach tours to Grasmere signing and saying “The Lion and the Lamb” as if the name conveyed a significance. Grasmere and that mountain are about five hundred miles distant from here, but there’s the same romanticised notion of stones in the landscape.

Mên-an-Tol is one. It’s been given all sort of significance in its time, including some very precise alignments to a variety of points of astronomical significance. However it is thought that the original stone were set at a right angle and so any suggested alignment is false. There’s also a debate about the origin of the hole. I’ve seen similar erosion patterns on Canr Brea near Redruth, and they’re the result of ice age wind erosion. Hat happens is that in the tundra that covered Britain for…

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