Postcards from the Periphery 2021-12 – Blue

So beautiful color: blue!!

Sum Space

Postcards from the Periphery 2021-12 – Blue

Cases up and down, no real direction. We’ll leave it at that.

Went out to Paul Church today. Was medival, but mainly burnt down during a Spanish raid in 1595. The porch, however, probably survived as in the 1990s restoration burnt timbers were found in the porch roof. The church house memorial to those lost in the Solomon Browne Lifeboat in 1981.

Then out to Penberth, one of the many alleged landing places of Phoenician traders for tin. I had a discussion about blue at the campsite, and whether blue sea and blue sky was boring. You decide. The slipway has been used for centuries to haul out fishing boats.

As we’ve had chickens crossing, we now have cats on the way down to Penberth.

That was it, apart from Sainsbury’s


Something from Cornish legend.

Richard Wagner (1813-1883), Tristan und Isolde Prelude…

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