Postcards from the Periphery 2021-08 – Circle, Watch and Quoit

Sound very beautiful!!

Sum Space

Postcards from the Periphery 2021-08 – Circle, Watch and Quoit

Ministers are no longer considering making it compulsory for university students to be fully vaccinated against Covid to attend lectures in England, the BBC has been told.

So what about those of us who have to teach them? It’s fairly obvious we don’t count. And, of course, it gives the government someone else to blame.

The awning went up again today. I looked up and was being inspected by a robin sitting on the fence. There’s lore about robins and loved ones visiting. This one was definitely inspecting.

Went out west as going east would have meant getting involved with people leaving and others coming to Cornwall. Unfortunately, this means traffic jams.

First stop, the Lamorna Pottery Coffee Shop. Cake was involved. Very good cake. A number of books were bought. It would have been rude not to.

Then onto the…

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