The First Cruisers: A9 Cruiser Tank Mk. I and A10 Cruiser Tank Mk. II.

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“The battalion was equipped with A10 tanks, surely ranked as the worst in history.”

“The designers of the A10 must be in the pay of the Nazis.”

Captain Dick Shattock, Technical Adjutant, 3rd Royal Tank Regiment

“They were ponderous square things like mobile pre-fab houses and just about as flimsy.”

Second Lieutenant Bob Crisp, 3rd Royal Tank Regiment

The process of tank design and development that created the tanks used by the British Army in World War Two was seriously flawed. Designs were constrained by the need to re-use existing technology and by severe financial limitations. The outcome was, in too many cases, tanks with serious problems that were rushed into production and sent into combat before they were ready.

A trainee driver sits between the machine gun turrets in an A9 of the 53rd Training Regiment, Royal Armoured Corps, at Tidworth in October 1940.

Image: Imperial War…

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