Fell Harvest, Pale Light In A Dying World (2021)

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Flying Fiddlesticks Music Blog

The first full-length album from Fell Harvest is a crafty construction of raw elements melded into a refined finish.

Southeastern Wyoming is the home of Fell Harvest whose musicians are Joseph Fell (bass and vocals), Liam Duncan (guitar), and Angel Enkeli (drums). They released an EP on the front edge of the pandemic in March last year and worked on this new one during the long months after that. The music is heavy yet quite variegated in note and feel.

Fell Harvest is often referred as a doom metal band but you wouldn’t know it from the first track, “Titanicide,” which sports a vigorous tempo. The title track comes next and the doom definitely lands on it. Solemn and sorrow-filled, the song is not a dirge but instead offers many undulations. Fell’s vocals are commanding and are the center point when active. Guitar rhythms are persistent and recurring, insisting their…

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